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Luxury Cloth iPhone Case

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Are you tired of using a bulky case that covers up your iPhone's true beauty?

Pop Glow's Luxury Cloth Case gives your iPhone a stunning and aesthetic look that it deserves. Your iPhone is VALUABLE and a big part of your daily life, why spend hundreds if not thousands on a new iPhone to cover it up? Show off your iPhone and be one of the few who stand out from the crowd!


1. Makes Your iPhone Stand Out And Look Amazing *Be Prepared To Receive Endless Compliments*

2. Linen Cloth Texture adds extra friction to avoid accidental slipping

3. Supports wireless charging so you never have to use an annoying cord again

4. Slim and Lightweight, Say Goodbye To Bulky Cases That Make Your Phone Heavy & Look Unappealing

5. Newly designed camera protection

6. 4 Unique Colors: (Black Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Denim Blue) Available for all iPhone models.

7. Smooth linen cloth material provides the utmost comfort to your fingertips


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iPhone Cloth Cases for Men and Women Who Like to Keep It Classy

iPhone’s loyalty is remarkable. Throughout the year, iPhone owners eagerly wait for the next launch and a new marvel in the world of gadgets. The love for the mesmerizing look of these phones is such that many iPhone owners are ready to forsake their phone’s safety for its stunning look.

However, if you want to enjoy your phone’s companionship for long, you need a stylish cover to protect it from potential damage.

At Pop Glow, we celebrate the beauty of iPhones with the help of sleek cases that flaunt every curve and edge of youtylr phone. Our luxury cloth cases act as a shield against any damage, so you don’t have to choose between beauty and safety.

Buy Luxury iPhone Case Online- Blending Safety with Style

Here is a quick run-through of our different types of iPhone cases to help you decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Silicone Protection Clear Case- If you like to flaunt the style wonder that your iPhone 11 is, our silicone cases will be the best company your phone can get. The case is made from high-quality silicone gel that will keep your phone safe from the damage caused by the fall. The raised edges in the front protect the screen from harm on account of potential slipping.

For men who like to keep it simple, these are the go-to option! No yellow covers even after prolonged use.

Cloth Cases- These cases are for the ones who don’t like to blend in but stand out from the crowd. Besides creating a super-sleek look, linen creates the much-needed friction between your phone and your fingers, so you don’t end up dropping your phone even when you are replying to an exciting text.

Whether you are going for an important meeting in the office or a day out with friends, this cloth case for men will compliment your distinct looks effortlessly.

Whether you own an iPhone 6, 7, 8, X series, or iPhone 11, these luxury cloth cases flaunt your attention to detail and amp up your overall look.

Cloth Wallet Cases- These cases take things to an all-new level. Your phone’s safety+ style + 2 pockets to keep your cards or money! Now no more regret of forgetting your wallet at home. Whether you have to go for grocery shopping or to your partner’s house, with these cloth cases by your side, you are all set!

The color contrast creates a simple yet edgy look. With the protective shield of fine linen fabric, you’ll never have to worry about scratches on your phone’s back glass or the discomfort of holding your phone in your hand for hours.

Browse our collection of luxury iPhone cases for men and women to ensure that your phone steals the limelight among thousands of other similar-looking phones!


Customer Reviews

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Great Case!

I have had this case for 3 months now, so I think now is the perfect time to give a review. The case looks amazing and the quality is still really good after using it for 3 months. I purchased a dark grey case so you don't have to worry about staining the case. Overall it's a great case and I would buy again.


Very nice..!! Just like the photo!!


Nice soft case! Super quality!


The quality is very good, it doesn't feel cheap at all. One thing you should consider before buying a texture case in generell: the texture is magnetic to all kind of fuzz, that's a liitle bit annoying. But this is a generell thing. :-) I reccommend the seller.


Came very quickly. Quality is good