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Pop Glow Luxury Travel Backpack

Pop Glow Luxury Travel Backpack

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The Luxury Travel Backpack, Is For The Modern Individual. Assembled from fine quality, water-resistant materials, and YKK zippers. the Luxury Backpack features a slim design, lightweight build, and professional storage to store away your favorite devices, notebooks, or personal belongings. Starting at 20L and expanding to 35L, this bag is slim but can expand when you want to pack more.

Multiple Compartments

The Luxury Travel Bag was designed to be spacious. Store away your laptop, devices, notebooks, and your personal belongings. Travel as light or as heavy as you want. 

USB Charging Port

Worried about your phone dying while you are out and about? No worries, our Luxury Commuter Backpack includes a charging port that can be used anywhere. 

Safe To Take Anywhere

TSA Customs lock to protect your valuables when you are traveling. The Luxury Travel Bag also features RFID debit and credit card protection, anti-theft integration. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How do I charge the USB port batter inside of the Luxury Commuter Backpack?

A: Just like any other battery, plug the cable provided into the port and the other end into an outlet to charge the battery inside of the bag.

Q: Is there only 1 main compartment where I can store items?

A: Of course not, the Luxury Commuter Backpack features side pockets where you can store more of your belongings. It also features multiple hidden compartments throughout that will allow for storage of other small but important personal belongings. 

Q: Can this work as a light travel bag?

A: Absolutely, use it as a lighter travel bag or break the backpack down and place it inside your bigger luggage to bring it with you anywhere around the world.

Q: Is the Luxury Travel Bag water resistant?

A: Yes! The bag was designed with water-resistant materials to protect your belongings.